I have been freelance since 2012, focusing purely on dance, dance movement therapy and organizing art and education seminars

I started regular african dance classes in Brno in 2008. I also lead classes and educative courses of therapeutic dance and dance movement therapy. I currently work as a psychotherapist with kids withs special needs and with teenagers facing difficult life situation.

In 2014 I completed a 4-year training course in dance movement therapy in Prague. That is why I love to combine dance and movement with therapeutic aspects rather than simply focus on the dance form. In 2023 I finished another long-therm psychotherapeutic trainee in dramatherapy - Developmental transformation.

I did classical ballet from childhood, which was followed by several years of modern dance. After a small pause during the high school, I started dancing again, when I came to study in Brno and visited the course of african dance. It was love at first move. From 2008 to 2014 I was a part of Tubabu band as a dancer and drummer. I have done African dance courses in Brno since 2008 and organized weekend workshops in several cities in the Czech Republic. I also gave workshops in Slovakia, Spain and Portugal.

I visited West Africa 5 times between 2006 and 2018, namely Guinea, Senegal, Gambia and Sierra Leone, where I attended several workshops and private lessons taught by local dancers. I spent almost a year in Africa altogether and I also took part in local development aid projects focusing on education, agriculture and health.

I have experience in other dance styles, too: contemporary dance, contact improvisation, butoh, jazz dance, pole dance, belly dance... and I still do some of them from time to time today. In 2014 I spent a month in Cuba where I learnt an Afro-Cuban dance called Yoruba. I also draw a lot of inspiration from yoga, which I have practiced regularly for several years.